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Amazing customer service and quality products. Highly recommended!

Kiera Louise

Just received my Evy iQ-ONEGLIDE STYLER and it is amazing. So quick and easy to use, leaving a beautiful finish and shine!!! Thank you Strawberry curls for your fast turn around service!! #Lovemyevy

Fiona Collinson

Great service, relaxing atmosphere, great prices. And amazing hair dresser!

Laura Ada

Hair Care, Beauty & Makeup Store

Strawberry Curls provides the current best collection of hair and skin-care products for the men and women of Australia. We also deliver stylish salon services to our clients in need of salon hair package from short hair length foil to extra-long hair colour treatment. We also sell different brands such as Strawberry makeup, NU skin products, EVY hair straightener, bamboo charcoal shampoo, fanola no yellow shampoo, and the best tinted moisturizer in the Australian market today.

Treat yourself and look your best with our products and salon services. From hair care to skin care, we will give you a wonderful salon experience. At Strawberry Curls, our goal is to exceed your expectations not just to make you feel happy, but to give you more reasons to love, pamper, and enjoy yourself. We pride ourselves not only on providing the best line of hair and makeup products but also with high-quality services.

We take care of our guests from the time they enter in the door until they say goodbye. Strawberry Curls deliver the highest quality cut, styling, and color in St. Clair, Sydney, Australia. With qualified and highly experienced hair-dressers and makeup artists, we want you to experience outstanding salon treatment. So the next time you walk in our door, you'll feel the comfort and excitement because you know, we've got you covered.